• Max Payload: 200 kg – 2 Ton (customizable) Speed: 1m/s (Similar to walking speed) Long lasting battery time
  • Smart self Changing Monitors batter level and charges itself
  • Cost effective and Versatile
  • Reduced operating cost and higher efficiency No material damage
  • Improved products Traceablity Easy and fast installations Easily Scalable
  • Low maintenance 24/7 operations low Downtime
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics available


Product Model FP200 FP500 FP1T FP2T
Load Capacity 200 500 1 Ton 2 Ton
Speed 1 m/s
Turning Radius 0/0.5 m
Travel Direction Unidirectional (Optional: Bidirectional)
Battery Lead Acid
Communication WIFI
Stopping Accuracy ± 15mm
Safety Features Front Obstacle sensor + Mechanical Bumper + Emergency stop