• Our Automatic Laboratory Dispenser is volumetric with a very high dispensing accuracy of 0.02ml for solutions and 0.2ml for water.
  • Our Laboratory dispenser is fast, with 24 standard recipes in 15 minutes.
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate bottles specially designed.
  • No need to wait to next process, to complete all the 24 beakers.
  • It has very high repeatability.
  • Our Laboratory Dispenser provides user friendly software by which anyone can be easily trained to use our dispenser in relatively short time.
  • Optional Cleaning methods allows user to set the number of cleaning times for each dye.
  • Very minimal usage of water for cleaning pipette.
  • Stock levels for the solutions are maintained by the software providing warnings and indications for expired solutions and low stock.
  • Status indicators in our software provide current status of individual beakers or bottles while dispensing.
  • Water is dispensed at the same time solution is being dispensed saving time.
  • Variable speed motor for agitation.
  • Database can backed up and restored for data safety.
  • Reports can be taken on timely basis and exported to software like excel.
  • Very low power consumption – 1500W, does not need air supply.
  • Our Laboratory Dispenser comes in 50/80/120 bottle model with an additional 6 bottles for auxiliaries.